9 Jan 2011

Sunday Sum-Up

I felt like I should maybe try start a regular post on here, just to make sure I do always blog atleast once a week! Sunday's seem to be the day I have most time on, so I decided that most Sundays I'll do a little summary of the week, kind of.
So at the moment I'm just lazing in bed, dreading that monday morning feeling. I haven't done much today apart from... well nothing really.
This Wednesday I went back to school, nothing exciting really. Nice to see some people, not so nice to see others. I started reading The Lovely Bones and I'm in love with it, if it wasn't for school and homework I would have read it in one day! I don't particularly like school at the moment, I've realised how important this year really is for me. By June this year I will have sat my first official exams, and hopefully passed.
On Friday, the snow returned. It's not that bad this time, so I don't really mind. I spent the night at my boyfriend's watching rubbish DVDs and eating pizza, it was lovely. I was meant to go see The Tourist (yum, Johnny Depp.) on Saturday but I never got to in the end :( So I stayed in during the day then my boyfriend came over at night, we were "babysitting" my younger brother, he's 12. He just plays his Xbox all the time so we watched a couple of DVDs again after we'd made a yummy pasta bake, and messed about with my dad's (hopefully soon to be mine) camera.

he put a polo mint up my nose. lovely.

playing peek-a-boo <3
 My Eyeko stuff also arrived so I'll hopefully get a chance to do a post on that sometime this week! Not really a very interesting post this week, so I'll finish up here with a picture of my box of hidden treats that I'm keeping under my bed, and one of my favourite gooey edibles! So glad the Creme Eggs are back.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening!

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