6 Dec 2010

Still snowy...

I feel bad about having nothing to post lately, but really.. I've not exactly done anything much. Still snowing, school finally got closed today and is closed tomorrow, yay! I'm planning on going sledging so will hopefully have some lovely wintery pictures for you.
Basically, my weekend was spent with my boyfriend and a couple of friends celebrating his birthday. It's actually today but he had a bit of a get together at his house on friday, involving me beating all his friends on mario kart, then on saturday I took him ice skating in george square and we went to tgi fridays <3 great night. Oh and sunday I saw one of my all time favourite bands, the Courteeners. Nom.
Anyway, hopefully a much better post tomorrow!


  1. did you go sledging?! I dont even know where to buy a sledge from! :( desparate to get my snowboard over from my mums house. tgi's = nommm. I walked past george square last night, it looks awesome all lit up :) think they should keep it like that all year round haha xx

  2. yeah i did! :) we've had ours for years, no idea where it came from. i think they have them in b&q maybe :) yeah they really should, it's so pretty xx


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