11 Dec 2010

My Week In Pictures: 6.12.10 - 10.12.10

So most of this week has been spent off school thanks to lots and lots and lots of snow, yay! Here are some pictures that I've taken over the week...

the incredibly long icicle outside my brothers window

about to attempt sledging down a hill on a plastic tray.

didn't really work.

my streets under there somewhere, it hasn't been cleared at all and the snow is up to my knees.

Sadly the snow started thawing and it's meant to just get warmer over the weekend, but then get cold again next week. So the next problems going to be ice! My prelims were meant to finish on Wednesday, but they'll now finish on Tuesday. We were back in school yesterday and I had to sit my credit chemistry, which wasn't too bad. On Monday I have geography and German, then on Tuesday I have more German.
I was at my boyfriends with his family on Wednesday for his birthday and we had a lovely meal - his mum makes the best Italian food - sitting in front of his fire. On Thursday I ventured into Glasgow to get my Christmas shopping finished, and I'm all done now! Today is going to consist of putting up my Xmas tree (yay!), playing Mario Kart with my boyfriend and watching lots of DVDs in front of a big roaring fire. Tomorrow I might be going to a christening, and I have no idea what to wear.

jumper - topman, jeggings & socks - primark

Yesterday after my chemistry exam me and my mum decided to go out shopping to the retail park at Bishopbriggs because we hadn't been into the new Matalan yet. Right now I LOVE oversized jumpers, especially layered up with jeggings. I never normally wear jeggings apart from when it snows. Anyway, I found this jumper in the sale in Topman for a fiver and wanted to get a few sizes bigger but accidentally got an XL instead of L, but it still is the right kinda oversized for me.
I've been trying to stop biting my nails now so I've been painting them lots, I'm in love with nude nails just now, I think my hands too shaky to try anything a bit more daring. My favourite shade just now is Topshop's Hide and Seek. It was an impulse buy but I'm very very very glad I bought it!

Anyway, seeing as it has just turned 1pm I really should leave the comfort of my cosy bed. My stomach's rumbling and I think my cat's is too!


(p.s, I need to fix my blog layout, I did have a go before but it didn't work out how I wanted. I'll try change it whenever I get a spare moment!)


  1. I spied the Matalan when we went to b&q for our tree but havent ventured in yet! will defo need to. Hope you have a nice time putting up your tree :) good luck with the rest of your exams dude! kinda glad to be able to see the pavement now lol, and bloody hell that is a HUGE icicle! really hope we dont get frozen over next week, I want to be able to get to work! :( xx


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