27 Dec 2010

I wish it could be Christmas everyday...

Hello again! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas :) I certainly did. This was my first Christmas at home for a good eight or nine years as we're normally down in England with family, but this year we couldn't get down.
I've been mostly stuck in the house the past week or so due to my silly broken toes, but I've still had a pretty decent time. Here's my "haul" from the weekend...

From the top:
My lovely new slippers from my grandma that I've barely taken off since; the reindeer charm I got from my boyfriend's mum, my cosy snuggie from my brother which is so warm, my Abercrombie & Fitch hoody off my mum and dad, the soap and glory set I got in secret santa, the hairdryer my mum got me because she got sick of me taking hers. I got totally spoilt from Thomas Sabo, my mum got me the July birthstone charm and my boyfriend completely surprised me and got me the bracelet to replace my old one which went in the washing machine! He also got me my Katy Perry ticket when they came out which I knew about and thought that was all I was getting. Then we have all the stuff his mum bought me for my stocking, the gorgeous dress she got me and the big fluffy dressing gown which I also love, along with some smellies for the bath! His sister got me the top/dress from H&M, the lovely Model's Own nail polishes and some incredibly warm fluffy socks. My uncle got me a Beatles top from the shop in Liverpool, my boyfriend's gran bought me some super cute Disney pyjamas and then comes the mass of chocolate!
Along with this I also got Animal Crossing for the Wii, Wii Party and Just Dance 2 (the latter hasn't arrived yet). Lots of money which I've already started spending after ordering some stuff from Eyeko, and the rest I'm hoping I'll get to spend soon.
Overall, it's been such a great Christmas! I hope Santa was good to you all and you had a great festive weekend and continue to enjoy yourself!


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