31 Dec 2010

2010, My year in photos.

The beginning of 2010 wasn't great for me, but after I got through the first few months everything started looking up. This year I've made new friends, met new people, seen new places, become a better (hopefully) person and learned a lot. This is my year, not necessarily in order.

i miss this hair.

when i was a full blown redhead. don't ask abou the bread.

i went camping in my friends back garden and saw a shooting star.

i joined the gym. the results show ;)

i found a phonebox that was made where i live... in france.

i went to germany with my school and met some amazing people.

i turned 15 and had a great day with my friends.

i read 17 books in 14 days on holiday.

i met this amazing boy.

i got the best wii game ever.

it snowed, a lot.

So it's been a year to remember, and one to forget too. I have made resolutions, but I doubt very much I'll keep them.

1. To stop biting my nails! I've been doing okay with this so far, if I paint my nails then I won't bite them.
2. To keep my room tidy-ish. I need to give it a good sort out too, but this will be one of the resolutions that's unlikely to last very long, or even happen.
3. To eat healthier and go to the gym more. My excuse for not starting this yet is that I need to polish off all my goodies I got for Christmas! After that, it's game on.
4. To concentrate more in school and study more. I have my Standard Grade exams in 2011, then I start my highers, I'm hoping to do okay, especially in the subjects I want to take to higher. So far my prelim results have been decent, I've had mostly one's, a couple of 2's and a 3, which I'm happy with!

I know everyone says new year, new start, but really, it's just the same as any other day. I'm not going to change overnight, or even in a week, but aslong as I keep at it then hopefully 2011 will be a great year! I've got a bit planned for it already, I'm seeing McFly, Katy Perry and The Script, turning 16, and going to my second ever wedding (my first was my mum and dad's). Looking good so far, considering I have great people to spend it with.

Happy New Year!

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