4 Nov 2010

My search for the perfect winter boots...

In Scotland we're having a typical November, freezing cold, torrential rain every day and very very very windy. Definitely not my favourite kind of weather. Trudging to school in the rain every morning soaks my little feet in their wee-bit-too-small pumps, and they normally only just start drying by the time I leave school, only to be soaked again walking home! Not fun, not fun at all. I bought a pair of ankle boots from Primark in August and I loved them, but they seem to be no good at keeping the weather out, and they make such a racket. It may sound weird, but I hate noisy shoes! Especially in the corridors at school, loud shoes can be a bit embarassing...
Anyway, I've began my search for the perfect boots for these coming months, but I just can't find any that I automatically love that are in my price range, plus another downside of online shopping... shoe shops don't tend to tell you how noisy the shoes are :(
So at some point soon I'm going to have to drag myself into town to do some shopping... I'm not complaining. But I'll have to take my mum, and her money, with me :P

Anyway, winter = christmas!
I can't wait for christmas, I love it. Especially in George Square. Shopping till dark, then ice skating under the lights, followed by hot chocolate from AMT and a burger king from Queen St Station. Perfect.

Sorry for the text heavy post!


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