23 Nov 2010

My (dream) Christmas List

So yet again, I'm off school. I was at the doctors this morning and they think it could possibly be glandular fever, yucky. I got bloods taken and I'll know for sure in about a week. She also gave me antibiotics incase it's just a bacterial infection, which I'm hoping it is.
I'm miserable and feeling quite lonely and bored! I've done as much studying as my mind can cope with today and now I'm doing a bit of online retail therapy. This is my dream Christmas list, it's more of an if-I-won-the-lottery list, rather than realistic.

1. Apple iPod Classic 160gb
I've wanted a new iPod for a while now, because I have an old, OLD classic. I love it to pieces, but it's breaking. I don't fancy the iPod touch, because it's adding all these cameras and such, and the Nano just isn't the same anymore, but the Classic is still the Classic! Plus the 160gb is great, I currently only have 18gb of music, which is still quite a bit, but as we travel down to Manchester quite a few times a year I like to have lots of films and my tv series on there (3 series of Gossip Girl...) along with plenty of photos.

iMac 27inch, 2.8GHz
Don't get me wrong, I love my teeny wee windows netbook, but I also love my Sims, and Macs too. I'm getting my room done up soon and I'm actually going to have enough desk space for a desktop computer, and I would love a Mac. I'm not Mac over Windows or anything like that, I just like something that works for what I want it to do! 

The Mulberry Oversized Alexa.
My dream bag. It's gorgeous, end of story. Bit pricier than my usual £6 Primark haul, but look at it.

Canon EOS 550D
My camera broke almost two years ago now, and I've constantly been looking out for a new one. This is my current love, along with all the usual features you get the HD video recording too, which just adds to it's appeal. I'm hoping to get a decent DSLR for my 16th birthday, maybe not quite this one, but at least a decent one.

BlackBerry Bold 9780

HTC Desire HD
I'm always on the look out for a new phone, like the camera, because the one I currently have I've had for over two years now. My contract's up next March, and I'm probably going to go for a Blackberry, or something with lots of social networking apps. The HTC Desire is awesome in my opinion, my friend has it, and I love the Android/HTC Sense operating systems.

That's all I can really think of, in reality I've asked for a Jack Wills hoody and a charm for my Thomas Sabo Bracelet, along with Just Dance 2, and that's it. I kinda want money more, because it means I can save it towards more substantial things, plus if I get enough my mum'll let me get a bank card back... long story, involving elaborate purchases.



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