29 Nov 2010

Let it snow!

Hello! :)
I'm in a rather good mood just now, I've got my maths exam over with which was one of my biggest worries. I've just got in from the very heavy snow and I'm snuggled up infront of the fire with a hot chocolate.
There's a good few inches of snow about here, and a hell of a lot more forecast. I love the snow! But having to trek to school is not fun. Hopefully there'll be enough snow overnight to make my school reschedule the exams, like the other schools around us have done! I don't mind much though, I don't need to be in school until two tomorrow, and I'm only in for an hour and fifteen minutes on Wednesday morning and not at all on Thursday. However on Friday I'm sitting my five hour long art exam, not fun!
Anyway, time for some lovely pictures of the snow.

my street during the snow

Paul, Iona, Me and Paddy when it first started snowing. Not dressed for the weather!

The view of the Campsie Hills from the park

The view of the Campsies again

Looking over to Kirkintilloch with the Campsies in the backbackbackground

My street in the snow again

Me and Paddy in our lovely matching parkas in my garden at eight in the morning!


  1. Oooh it looks so pretty! i love snow!

  2. It's gorgeous, apart from the mucky brown slush on the roads!

  3. hello fellow glasgow blogger, love finding us on here, great blog, the snow is mental tonight eh?

    keep in touch mrs,



  4. Ooh I know it's great! Yup, definitely, it's up to my knees here! x

  5. aww girlie, good luck for your exam on fri, hope it goes well for ya :) Would you believe I'm going to trek to the gym in kirkie for half 8 tomorrow morning for my gym induction? haha the boyfriend thinks Im mad. you know how much snow weve got here :( he sat and watched cars get stuck trying to get in/out of the station car park today. trains have been ok tho :) that view of the campsies is lovely! xx

  6. thank you! oooh, not fun, I really need to go back to the gym to get my workout changed, i only really do about half of it. We can't get out our street at all, because it's only really a side street and an avenue it never gets cleared, bit annoying. yeah I can see the campsies out my window and they're absolutely covered in white! xx


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