14 Oct 2010

POINTLESS POST : my dresses.

I don't know why I did this, I got bored I guess. So here are the majority of my dresses, some with outfit photos (taken from my lookbook or other various events) Sorry about the lighting and photos, they're a bit crappy, not used to my mum's camera! Actually, now looking at them, this isn't even half of the dresses I own... mostly floral. Hmmm...

Primark - £3 (reduced from £12 I think)

German shop - Tally Weil, 10 euros

Primark - £5

Miss Selfridge - reduced from £45ish to £6 in sale

New Look, sale, can't remember exact price.

New Look - present :)

Ebay, didn't cost much, was a Halloween costume, looks better on

Jane Norman, sale from like three years ago, never worn it but I still have it...

Primark - £2, reduced items, size too big but looks okay on 

some local shop called I <3 Fashion, fiver (not reduced! :D)

Tesco - £13

Charity shop, but originally Primark - way too big but for some reason I still have.

I really need a clear out.

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  1. hello, i found your blog after commenting on jen's blog! i adore your primark grey lace dress, i remember seeing it in store, i think it was around twelve pounds originally? what a bargain you got! i also love your second floral primark dress, i think it works really well with the muted grey tights. love, jazzabelle. xx


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