24 Oct 2010

Paranormal Activity 2...

I was planning on a nice lengthy and hopefully kind of interesting post today as I have nothing else to do, all my homework is done, boyfriend's at the football, sitting all snuggled up in a big cosy jumper with a hot chocolate, but I just do not have the energy!
I went to see PA2 yesterday with my boyfriend and two of our friends, it was a really really really good film, but absolutely terrifying for me! I was so scared of the first one, and then this one was just.. woah. I really reccomend seeing it! For me, the pyschological horrors are scariest, you know that blood and guts isn't real, but the pyschological stuff just buries itself into my little brain and creeps me out.
On the bright side, I found my halloween costume. I had no idea what i wanted to be, but then yesterday in Dazzle (the costume shop on Queen St in Glasgow) I found a really cute sailor dress, so I bought it, and love it. Next weekend I'm going to see Ellie Goulding at the O2 Academy on friday night, then I'm at a birthday/halloween party on the saturday.
After that we went back to my bf's and got a Dominoes, cheese & tomato and a pepperoni passion, mmmmmmm, and watched some tv and stuff. It was a nice night :) I was staying over as usual, so when I woke up during the night after I heard some noise I had completely forgotten where I was and I was shit scared. So yeah, complete lack of sleep, and was up by eight. Euch!
Don't think I'll be blogging much this week, my prelims are coming up and I'm busybusybusy, as usual. Can't wait to get these prelims over with! I still have no idea what I want to do with myself when I eventually leave school, but I think what appeals to me most is marketing or PR of a fashion related kind.... I don't knowwww. How can they expect us to know at this age?! I also might be getting a job so that'll eat into my time, but yay money! I have a big list of stuff I'd like to buy, mostly makeup, but december's going to be an expensive month, with bf's birthday and christmas... Hm.
Sorry for this text-heavy post!


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