19 Sep 2010

My Autumn Lust List

So, browsing about the shops yesterday has made me think about catching up on my Autumn/Winter shopping, mainly Autumn, I'll worry about winter when it snows. Which is apparently meant to be this month, for Scotland!

1, 2, 6 - River Island
3,4,5,7 - Topshop

Not much variety shop-wise there! Ah well, I love all of these. The Topshop jacket is going to be my winter jacket, I hope, and those River Island boots to keep my feet lovely and dry with the miserable Scottish weather. I've been looking for a nice pair of black brogues for school, and a new tan bag because mine is falling apart, really like tan right now. I love those shorts, the colours are very autumn-ish in my opinion, and right now I just love shorts. Especially high waisted ones, which most seem to be on me. I have a pair of dark grey/black polkadot Topshop ones that I found on eBay and looooove, but I get sick of wearing black/grey all the time! I also bought a really cute pair from Primark for a measly £8, they're black with white polkadots and a pink bow. Shorts & polkadots seem to be my two favourites just now, my favourite cardigan is a grey Topman one with tiny black polkadots and I just love it, but will probably need to return it to my boyfriend sometime soon. It's so cosy, I just want to keep it :(
Anyway, that is what I'm hoping to buy when I get the money from selling my Xbox and other various things!


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