9 Sep 2010

let's waste time chasing cars around our heads...

Just a quick little post before I go to school! This week's been going quite fast which is good. Tomorrow night I'm going down to Manchester to see family and such, and study/do homework, because I'm not back until very late Sunday night, I'm going to be exhausted on Monday! I shall take my trusty netbook with me, and seeing as I should have a bit more time than usual I shall try post a bit more :)
Did anyone watch that Derren Brown show last night? Hero at 30,000 feet or something along those lines. I've grown to love Derren Brown over the past couple of years. The program last night kind of freaked me out though, not too sure why, especially the bit with the train and the straightjacket. I'd hate that kind of thing.
Ooooh and This Is England '86? I thought that was great! I love the film and the series is looking good so far. I missed Waterloo Road last night though so need to watch that on iPlayer after school, homework permitting.
Well, I've got to leave now, just need to get through today and tomorrow! Enjoy your day :)


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  1. i watched the derren brown show, i thought it was good, i love his live shows, theyre always so exciting! i would hate to have been in that straight jacket too, it makes me feel all itchy even thinking about it heh x


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