31 Dec 2010

2010, My year in photos.

The beginning of 2010 wasn't great for me, but after I got through the first few months everything started looking up. This year I've made new friends, met new people, seen new places, become a better (hopefully) person and learned a lot. This is my year, not necessarily in order.

i miss this hair.

when i was a full blown redhead. don't ask abou the bread.

i went camping in my friends back garden and saw a shooting star.

i joined the gym. the results show ;)

i found a phonebox that was made where i live... in france.

i went to germany with my school and met some amazing people.

i turned 15 and had a great day with my friends.

i read 17 books in 14 days on holiday.

i met this amazing boy.

i got the best wii game ever.

it snowed, a lot.

So it's been a year to remember, and one to forget too. I have made resolutions, but I doubt very much I'll keep them.

1. To stop biting my nails! I've been doing okay with this so far, if I paint my nails then I won't bite them.
2. To keep my room tidy-ish. I need to give it a good sort out too, but this will be one of the resolutions that's unlikely to last very long, or even happen.
3. To eat healthier and go to the gym more. My excuse for not starting this yet is that I need to polish off all my goodies I got for Christmas! After that, it's game on.
4. To concentrate more in school and study more. I have my Standard Grade exams in 2011, then I start my highers, I'm hoping to do okay, especially in the subjects I want to take to higher. So far my prelim results have been decent, I've had mostly one's, a couple of 2's and a 3, which I'm happy with!

I know everyone says new year, new start, but really, it's just the same as any other day. I'm not going to change overnight, or even in a week, but aslong as I keep at it then hopefully 2011 will be a great year! I've got a bit planned for it already, I'm seeing McFly, Katy Perry and The Script, turning 16, and going to my second ever wedding (my first was my mum and dad's). Looking good so far, considering I have great people to spend it with.

Happy New Year!

27 Dec 2010

I wish it could be Christmas everyday...

Hello again! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas :) I certainly did. This was my first Christmas at home for a good eight or nine years as we're normally down in England with family, but this year we couldn't get down.
I've been mostly stuck in the house the past week or so due to my silly broken toes, but I've still had a pretty decent time. Here's my "haul" from the weekend...

From the top:
My lovely new slippers from my grandma that I've barely taken off since; the reindeer charm I got from my boyfriend's mum, my cosy snuggie from my brother which is so warm, my Abercrombie & Fitch hoody off my mum and dad, the soap and glory set I got in secret santa, the hairdryer my mum got me because she got sick of me taking hers. I got totally spoilt from Thomas Sabo, my mum got me the July birthstone charm and my boyfriend completely surprised me and got me the bracelet to replace my old one which went in the washing machine! He also got me my Katy Perry ticket when they came out which I knew about and thought that was all I was getting. Then we have all the stuff his mum bought me for my stocking, the gorgeous dress she got me and the big fluffy dressing gown which I also love, along with some smellies for the bath! His sister got me the top/dress from H&M, the lovely Model's Own nail polishes and some incredibly warm fluffy socks. My uncle got me a Beatles top from the shop in Liverpool, my boyfriend's gran bought me some super cute Disney pyjamas and then comes the mass of chocolate!
Along with this I also got Animal Crossing for the Wii, Wii Party and Just Dance 2 (the latter hasn't arrived yet). Lots of money which I've already started spending after ordering some stuff from Eyeko, and the rest I'm hoping I'll get to spend soon.
Overall, it's been such a great Christmas! I hope Santa was good to you all and you had a great festive weekend and continue to enjoy yourself!


11 Dec 2010

My Week In Pictures: 6.12.10 - 10.12.10

So most of this week has been spent off school thanks to lots and lots and lots of snow, yay! Here are some pictures that I've taken over the week...

the incredibly long icicle outside my brothers window

about to attempt sledging down a hill on a plastic tray.

didn't really work.

my streets under there somewhere, it hasn't been cleared at all and the snow is up to my knees.

Sadly the snow started thawing and it's meant to just get warmer over the weekend, but then get cold again next week. So the next problems going to be ice! My prelims were meant to finish on Wednesday, but they'll now finish on Tuesday. We were back in school yesterday and I had to sit my credit chemistry, which wasn't too bad. On Monday I have geography and German, then on Tuesday I have more German.
I was at my boyfriends with his family on Wednesday for his birthday and we had a lovely meal - his mum makes the best Italian food - sitting in front of his fire. On Thursday I ventured into Glasgow to get my Christmas shopping finished, and I'm all done now! Today is going to consist of putting up my Xmas tree (yay!), playing Mario Kart with my boyfriend and watching lots of DVDs in front of a big roaring fire. Tomorrow I might be going to a christening, and I have no idea what to wear.

jumper - topman, jeggings & socks - primark

Yesterday after my chemistry exam me and my mum decided to go out shopping to the retail park at Bishopbriggs because we hadn't been into the new Matalan yet. Right now I LOVE oversized jumpers, especially layered up with jeggings. I never normally wear jeggings apart from when it snows. Anyway, I found this jumper in the sale in Topman for a fiver and wanted to get a few sizes bigger but accidentally got an XL instead of L, but it still is the right kinda oversized for me.
I've been trying to stop biting my nails now so I've been painting them lots, I'm in love with nude nails just now, I think my hands too shaky to try anything a bit more daring. My favourite shade just now is Topshop's Hide and Seek. It was an impulse buy but I'm very very very glad I bought it!

Anyway, seeing as it has just turned 1pm I really should leave the comfort of my cosy bed. My stomach's rumbling and I think my cat's is too!


(p.s, I need to fix my blog layout, I did have a go before but it didn't work out how I wanted. I'll try change it whenever I get a spare moment!)

6 Dec 2010

Still snowy...

I feel bad about having nothing to post lately, but really.. I've not exactly done anything much. Still snowing, school finally got closed today and is closed tomorrow, yay! I'm planning on going sledging so will hopefully have some lovely wintery pictures for you.
Basically, my weekend was spent with my boyfriend and a couple of friends celebrating his birthday. It's actually today but he had a bit of a get together at his house on friday, involving me beating all his friends on mario kart, then on saturday I took him ice skating in george square and we went to tgi fridays <3 great night. Oh and sunday I saw one of my all time favourite bands, the Courteeners. Nom.
Anyway, hopefully a much better post tomorrow!

29 Nov 2010

Let it snow!

Hello! :)
I'm in a rather good mood just now, I've got my maths exam over with which was one of my biggest worries. I've just got in from the very heavy snow and I'm snuggled up infront of the fire with a hot chocolate.
There's a good few inches of snow about here, and a hell of a lot more forecast. I love the snow! But having to trek to school is not fun. Hopefully there'll be enough snow overnight to make my school reschedule the exams, like the other schools around us have done! I don't mind much though, I don't need to be in school until two tomorrow, and I'm only in for an hour and fifteen minutes on Wednesday morning and not at all on Thursday. However on Friday I'm sitting my five hour long art exam, not fun!
Anyway, time for some lovely pictures of the snow.

my street during the snow

Paul, Iona, Me and Paddy when it first started snowing. Not dressed for the weather!

The view of the Campsie Hills from the park

The view of the Campsies again

Looking over to Kirkintilloch with the Campsies in the backbackbackground

My street in the snow again

Me and Paddy in our lovely matching parkas in my garden at eight in the morning!
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