The reviews and opinions featured on Colours and Carousels are all my own words and entirely honest, I would not share something I do not like or do not feel is relevant to my blog.
PR Samples I am lucky enough to be sent items to review for my blog from time to time and so PR samples will be clearly marked with a disclaimer at the end of the post. If they are featured in a post published prior to June 1st 2015 these will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the post body. I only accept PR samples that I feel I would genuinely use and are of interest to me. I try to be prepared with my posts and write a reasonable amount of time in advance, as well as allowing time for thorough testing of a product, therefore in most cases there will be a minimum of two weeks testing time.
Sponsored Posts Every now and again I will accept a sponsored post which will always be clearly marked with a disclaimer at the end of the post. These posts will always be in my own words, with my own thoughts and opinions. I will not forsake my integrity for the sake of a few quid! If you think you have a sponsored post I’d be interested in then pop a message over to charlotte@coloursandcarousels.com and we can have a natter.

Affiliate Links
As of August 2016 some links on this blog may be affiliated and I may earn a small commission on any purchases completed through these links. This won't apply to every link, and a disclaimer will be used on each post that contains affiliated links. By using affiliate links I can earn a little bit of money towards covering the costs of running my blog which really helps me out!
I have a media pack available on request that details the stats and considered collaborations, be sure to get in touch if you’d like to have a peek.

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