29 Nov 2010

Let it snow!

Hello! :)
I'm in a rather good mood just now, I've got my maths exam over with which was one of my biggest worries. I've just got in from the very heavy snow and I'm snuggled up infront of the fire with a hot chocolate.
There's a good few inches of snow about here, and a hell of a lot more forecast. I love the snow! But having to trek to school is not fun. Hopefully there'll be enough snow overnight to make my school reschedule the exams, like the other schools around us have done! I don't mind much though, I don't need to be in school until two tomorrow, and I'm only in for an hour and fifteen minutes on Wednesday morning and not at all on Thursday. However on Friday I'm sitting my five hour long art exam, not fun!
Anyway, time for some lovely pictures of the snow.

my street during the snow

Paul, Iona, Me and Paddy when it first started snowing. Not dressed for the weather!

The view of the Campsie Hills from the park

The view of the Campsies again

Looking over to Kirkintilloch with the Campsies in the backbackbackground

My street in the snow again

Me and Paddy in our lovely matching parkas in my garden at eight in the morning!

24 Nov 2010

It must be love, love, love.

So, exams start tomorrow! Fun times.. I'm going in to try my best with them, and then come home and get plenty of rest. Going to a friend's birthday party on Friday, and Biffy Clyro on Saturday though, which'll be nice. I'm trying to focus on getting better right now, so plenty of sleep and rubbishy TV.

Last night I opened my door to my boyfriends not-yet-sister-in-law handing me a bag from him, because he knew how miserable I was after I missed his sister's birthday - dominoes and costco cake! - and he wasn't going to be able to see me until at least Saturday. Anyway, in this bag was some of my favourite things. To start off, a big bit of Costco cake, a card, my favourite hoody of his, two series of Scrubs on DVD and his aftershave. It may not seem much, but to me it meant everything! He knew exactly what would cheer me up, and I think that was quite literally the sweetest thing that's happened to me.
Publish Post
I don't really have much to write these days, partially because I've been pretty much bed bound. I've been reading plenty of blogs, and trying to comment more than usual! I'm going to go cram in some last minute studying, luckily tomorrow is English and I can't do a lot of studying for it, and it is the subject I feel most confident about.

G'night! xxx

23 Nov 2010

My (dream) Christmas List

So yet again, I'm off school. I was at the doctors this morning and they think it could possibly be glandular fever, yucky. I got bloods taken and I'll know for sure in about a week. She also gave me antibiotics incase it's just a bacterial infection, which I'm hoping it is.
I'm miserable and feeling quite lonely and bored! I've done as much studying as my mind can cope with today and now I'm doing a bit of online retail therapy. This is my dream Christmas list, it's more of an if-I-won-the-lottery list, rather than realistic.

1. Apple iPod Classic 160gb
I've wanted a new iPod for a while now, because I have an old, OLD classic. I love it to pieces, but it's breaking. I don't fancy the iPod touch, because it's adding all these cameras and such, and the Nano just isn't the same anymore, but the Classic is still the Classic! Plus the 160gb is great, I currently only have 18gb of music, which is still quite a bit, but as we travel down to Manchester quite a few times a year I like to have lots of films and my tv series on there (3 series of Gossip Girl...) along with plenty of photos.

iMac 27inch, 2.8GHz
Don't get me wrong, I love my teeny wee windows netbook, but I also love my Sims, and Macs too. I'm getting my room done up soon and I'm actually going to have enough desk space for a desktop computer, and I would love a Mac. I'm not Mac over Windows or anything like that, I just like something that works for what I want it to do! 

The Mulberry Oversized Alexa.
My dream bag. It's gorgeous, end of story. Bit pricier than my usual £6 Primark haul, but look at it.

Canon EOS 550D
My camera broke almost two years ago now, and I've constantly been looking out for a new one. This is my current love, along with all the usual features you get the HD video recording too, which just adds to it's appeal. I'm hoping to get a decent DSLR for my 16th birthday, maybe not quite this one, but at least a decent one.

BlackBerry Bold 9780

HTC Desire HD
I'm always on the look out for a new phone, like the camera, because the one I currently have I've had for over two years now. My contract's up next March, and I'm probably going to go for a Blackberry, or something with lots of social networking apps. The HTC Desire is awesome in my opinion, my friend has it, and I love the Android/HTC Sense operating systems.

That's all I can really think of, in reality I've asked for a Jack Wills hoody and a charm for my Thomas Sabo Bracelet, along with Just Dance 2, and that's it. I kinda want money more, because it means I can save it towards more substantial things, plus if I get enough my mum'll let me get a bank card back... long story, involving elaborate purchases.


22 Nov 2010

That time of year again...

Well, the Coca Cola adverts been on, amongst many other Christmas ads. I went shopping yesterday at the Glasgow Fort and they were actually playing Christmas songs, not just Christmas related songs, actual Christmas songs. I love Christmas, it's such a lovely time of year.
I'm normally in England for Christmas because my family all live there, but this year due to extensive car troubles we're definitely going to be at home. It'll be my first Christmas at home for eight years now, and I'm kinda looking forward to it, but it won't be the same as our big family dinner and leftover feasts on Boxing Day! However, this year I can snuggle up with my cat in front of the fire after lunch, and stuff my face with all my chocs.
One thing I don't like about this time of year is the cold. The cold as in the temperature, and as in the sniffly nose. Right now I'm lazing about in bed feeling like death, my throat is giving me trouble, it even hurts to eat soup! So I'm going to do some studying, exams start this week, dream about yummy roast dinners, catch up on TV, and make a start on my boyfriend's birthday present.
I tend to feel like I'm talking to myself when I write these, it's like nobody ever reads it. Surely someone must? I didn't expect people to read it, but it would be nice. Even just having this to vent is nice. I'd like to do more with it, probably after my exams, they're my main priority just now.


4 Nov 2010

My search for the perfect winter boots...

In Scotland we're having a typical November, freezing cold, torrential rain every day and very very very windy. Definitely not my favourite kind of weather. Trudging to school in the rain every morning soaks my little feet in their wee-bit-too-small pumps, and they normally only just start drying by the time I leave school, only to be soaked again walking home! Not fun, not fun at all. I bought a pair of ankle boots from Primark in August and I loved them, but they seem to be no good at keeping the weather out, and they make such a racket. It may sound weird, but I hate noisy shoes! Especially in the corridors at school, loud shoes can be a bit embarassing...
Anyway, I've began my search for the perfect boots for these coming months, but I just can't find any that I automatically love that are in my price range, plus another downside of online shopping... shoe shops don't tend to tell you how noisy the shoes are :(
So at some point soon I'm going to have to drag myself into town to do some shopping... I'm not complaining. But I'll have to take my mum, and her money, with me :P

Anyway, winter = christmas!
I can't wait for christmas, I love it. Especially in George Square. Shopping till dark, then ice skating under the lights, followed by hot chocolate from AMT and a burger king from Queen St Station. Perfect.

Sorry for the text heavy post!


1 Nov 2010

something evil's lurking in the dark...

Happy Belated Halloween! :)
I had a very good Friday/Saturday, then paid for it Sunday/today. On Friday night I went to see Ellie Goulding with my boyfriend and my friend and her cousin, it was great! I love Ellie. <3

Then on the Saturday I went into town for a bit and went to a Halloween/birthday party. It was a hell of a lot of fun, I dressed up as a sailor :D

not the best photo, my boyfriend was having trouble with the camera.

Then I spent most of Sunday and a fair majority of today being sick and feeling terrible. Euch!
Sorry this is a bit of a rubbish post, I just wanted to post something.
And now I'm back off to bed...
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